FAQ Elite benefits

What is a Benefit Point?

Benefit Points (BPs) are used to determine your Level in our loyalty program. You will earn BPs by playing hand and contribute to each pot. For every Benefit Point you earn, you will also earn Player Points. The number of Player Points you can earn for every Benefit Point depends on your Level in the loyalty program.

Note that while you earn Player Points for every Benefit Point earned, you do not earn Benefit Points for every Player Point earned. This means if you earn extra Player Points through a promotion, or through a Level bonus, you will not receive extra Benefit Points. You can earn extra Player Points without earning Benefit Points, but the only way to earn Benefit Points is to play real-money poker.

Can I lose my Level?

Yes, but if you keep playing the way you have been playing, there is no reason to lose it. Your Silver, Gold, and Diamond Level last until the end of the calendar month that follows the month in which you qualified. For example, if you have earned 3,000 BPs from May 1st through 20th, you will achieve Gold Level for June. Your status will last until the end of June. If you have earned enough Benefit Points in June, you will keep your status. Or if you have earned enough Benefit Points for the next status, we will move you up a Level.

What if I don’t earn enough Benefit Points in one month to qualify for my status in the next month? Do I still get the bonus PPs for the previous month?

Yes, you will earn PPs and bonuses according to whatever Level you are during that month.

Why do I see two Benefit Point counters in my account?

We keep track of both your monthly and your yearly Benefit Points. We reset your monthly Benefit Point counter at the start of every month, so you will need to earn the same number of Benefit Points you did last month to maintain your Level in the program (or earn more to move up a Level).

Your yearly Benefit Point counter tracks all Benefit Points earned since January 1st. Your yearly tally is used to determine entry into our Top-Tier (Diamond) AND to help you earn cash rewards through our Achievement Medals.

Do Benefit Points expire?

Yes they do. When you check your Level, you will see two BP counters—a monthly and a yearly one. The monthly counter is reset on the first of each month. The yearly counter resets every January 1st. We use the monthly one to determine your Level month-to-month, and the yearly one to determine whether you have achieved Diamond status at the end of the year.

Can I transfer Benefit Points?

No, Benefit Points are tied directly to your account. They cannot be transferred to other players, nor can they be exchanged for cash.

Can I buy into tourneys with Benefit Points?

No, Benefit Points are simply used to track your Level in the program and determine the rewards you are eligible for.

How do I release my reward bonus?

Your reward bonus will be paid out in increments of $1 for every 55 Benefit Points Earned. Please keep in mind that Benefit Points previously earned do not count towards the bonus requirement.

Where do I find out what my Player Level is?

In the “Rewards” tab in the software. It tells you everything you need to know.

What are Player Points?

Think of a Player Point as currency. Use your Player Points to get access to free cash.

Will my Player Points ever expire?

Yes, they will expire if you have not earned at least one Player Point within one calendar year. All it takes is one Player Point to keep your Player Point account active, so you will not have to worry as long as you love to play poker.

I have a few more questions. Who can I contact?

We are happy to help. Give us a shout at: [email protected]