Black Diamond

Amazing Rewards

As a Black Diamond Player, you’re at the top of not just your game, but of everyone’s game. You play online poker like a true legend, and you deserve recognition for everything you do.

The Black Diamond level delivers it with the type of rewards most players would kill for. That includes a massive number of Achievement Medals and a ridiculously high Player Points multiplier. And it includes $10,000 in free tournament entries.

You played hard. Enjoy a couple of poker vacations.

Key Black Diamond Benefits

Benefit: Details:
5 PP Multiplier Black Diamonds earn 5 PPs for every 1 BP earned
Diamond Bonuses Access You’ll be eligible for big cash rewards once you hit the yearly Benefit Point requirement
Annual Status You are guaranteed to stay as Black Diamond until February of the following year
$10,000 Cash for purchase $10,000 Cash available for purchase from Points Exchange Section in client
Achievement Medals Cash rewards once you hit the yearly required of Benefit Points
Points Earned in Weighted Contributed Rake You earn more credit based on how much rake you contribute to a pot

You’ll also be eligible to receive a special $20,000 Diamond Bonus after you’ve earned 1 million BPs. And additional Diamond Bonuses are yours for every 250,000 additional yearly BPs earned after that.

Becoming a Black Diamond

If you can rack up 1,000,000 or more Benefit Points in one calendar year (from January 1st through December 31st), we’ll give you Black Diamond level. And you’ll keep your level through the end of February of the following year.

Black Diamond Reward Details

After you become a Black Diamond, we’ll extend your level in the following year on a month-by-month basis. As long as you earn 45,000 BPs per month the level is yours.

To earn the Black Diamond rewards, you need to accumulate 1,000,000 Benefit Points in a calendar year (from January 1st through December 31st). But you don’t have to wait until the end of the year to become a Black Diamond. You’ll be recognized as a Black Diamond the second you reach 1,000,000 BPs. And you’re guaranteed to stay a Black Diamond until the end February of the following year. In order to maintain your Black Diamond level throughout the next year, you must earn at least 45,000 BPs every month.

For example, if you earn 1,000,000 BPs between January 1st and October 31st, you’ll earn Black Diamond level on October 31st. Your level will remain the same throughout the year. However, if you earn only 7,000 BPs (less than the necessary 45,000 BPs to keep your level) during March of the following year, your level will be dropped to Diamond. Should you earn less than 7,000 BPs in March your level will be reset to Bronze in April.