Do you like to play the short stack? Do you like to get your money in with that big pair but try and keep the pot controllable in case you run into those unavoidable cooler spots? No problem, our latest addition of CAP tables controls how much of your money you can each player can win or lose in a hand. This keeps your variance down while still having the fun of playing a bigger blind game.

Here’s the lowdown:

  • The CAP is set at 30bb (meaning 30 big blinds)
  • When you’ve reached the hand CAP, you’re considered to be all-in for the remainder of the hand.
  • The CAP is always the same for each hand
  • and the CAP is always the same for each player at the table

CAP Tables

CAP tables are exciting because they level the playing field for every hand, giving short-stacked players more opportunity to play and win. And players sitting with large stacks can look forward to more action from players who’d otherwise be reluctant to jump on a raise.

Looking for CAP tables? You’ll find them at low, medium and high-stakes tables (up to 5/10).