Cryptocurrencies Options

More Cryptocurrency Options Available on Ya Poker

If there’s a specific cryptocurrency you’ve been betting on, good news. You can now deposit and cashout using over 60 different ones at Ya Poker!

We started accepting Bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals over a year ago, and received such a tremendous response from our players that we decided to add more than 60 of the top cryptocurrencies.

This is the future and while we can’t predict which currency is going to emerge as market leader, we’re happy to be part of the movement that’s making cryptocurrencies mainstream.

Who sets the exchange rate?

We use our own exchange rate, determined using a variety of market sources. Whether you’re exchanging a small amount or something larger, you can expect the same exchange rate.


What are the fees?

You can expect to pay a miner’s fee on every transaction, but nothing more. We calculate the miner’s fee by looking at the best fee across all coin networks and averaging things out. Below, you’ll find our miner’s fee structure:


Symbol Cryptocurrency Name Miner’s Fee
1ST 1st Blood 0.01 1ST
ANT Aragon 0.01 ANT
BAT Basic Attention Token 0.01 BAT
BCH Bitcoin Cash .0002 BCH
BTC Bitcoin 0.001 BTC
BCY Bitcrystals 4.0 BCY
BLK Blackcoin 0.01 BLK
BNT Bancor 0.01 BNT
BTS BitShares 0.5 BTS
CLAM Clams 0.001 CLAM
CVC Civic 0.1 CVC
DASH Dash 0.002 DASH
DCR Decred 0.03 DCR
DGB Digibyte 0.01 DGB
DGD DigixDao 0.001 DGD
DOGE Dogecoin 2.0 DOGE
EDG Edgeless 0.3 EDG
EMC Emercoin 0.2 EMC
ETH Ether 0.001 ETH
ETC Ether Classic 0.01 ETC
FCT Factoids 0.001 FCT
FUN FunFair Token 0.01 FUN
GAME GameCredits 0.2 GAME
GNO Gnosis 0.01 GNO
GNT Golem 0.01 GNT
GUP Matchpool 0.01 GUP
ICN Iconomi 0.2 ICN
KMD Komodo 0.002 KMD
LBC LBRY Credits 0.02 LBC
LSK Lisk 0.1 LISK
LTC Litecoin 0.001 LTC
MAID Maidsafe 7.0 MAID
MLN Melon 0.003 MLN
MSCN Mastercoin 0.325 MSCN
MONA Monacoin 0.2 MONA
MTL Metal Pay 0.01 MTL
NMC Namecoin 0.005 NMC
NMR Numeraire 0.004 NMR
NVC Novacoin 0.1 NVC
PAY TenX Token 0.01 PAY
USNBT Nubits 0.01 USNBT
NXT Nxt 1.0 NXT
OMG OmiseGO 0.01 OMG
POT Potcoin 0.01 POT
PPC Peercoin 0.01 PPC
QTUM Qtum 0.01 QTUM
RDD Reddcoin 0.01 RDD
REP Augur 0.01 REP
RLC iExec 0.01 RLC
SC Siacoin 10.0 SIA
SJCX StorjcoinX 0.01 SJCX
SNT Status 3.0 SNT
START Startcoin 0.02 START
STEEM Steem 0.01 STEEM
SWT SwarmCity 0.1 SWT
TKN TokenCard 0.01 TKN
VRC Vericoin 0.0002 VRC
VTC Vertcoin 0.02 VTC
VOX Voxels 0.01 VOX
TRST WeTrust 0.01 TRST
WAVES Waves 0.001 WAVES
WINGS Wings 0.01 WINGS
XCP Counterparty 0.1 XCP
XMR Monero 0.02 XMR
XRP Ripple 0.5 XRP
ZEC Zcash 0.0001 ZEC
ZRX 0x 0.005 ZRX

How fast can I expect my deposit to be processed?

It varies from 5 to 40 minutes. Typically, though, you’re looking at just a few minutes.


My deposit shows as pending. Can I speed things up?

Be patient. Remember, your transactions are processed by miners and the number of transactions that can be confirmed on each block is limited.


I accidentally sent my funds to the wrong address. Can I get them back?

Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do on our end once the funds are sent. Always double-check the address on the order page.


Can I reuse a deposit address?

No, you need to create a new address for every deposit.


Why do I need to enter a refund address?

The refund address is where we’ll send your funds if we need to refund your transaction. You can find this by looking for the + sign under wallets on exchanges. It will list the address or give you the option to create a new address. If you store your cryptocurrency in a hardware wallet, the refund address is under the ‘receiving coin’ section. It’s either your deposit or receiving address, depending on the wallet.


What are the deposit limits?

  • Minimum deposit = $100
  • Maximum deposit = $2500


What are the payouts limits?

  • Minimum payout = $100
  • Maximum payout = $2500


I’d like to see a coin added. How can I suggest that?

There’s no formal submission process, but feel free to send us a message with your suggestion. We’ll add it to our discovery list and investigate further to see if it’s a good fit. We get dozens of new requests each day, so we can’t promise we’ll add anything. But if enough people are talking about it, it’ll be on our radar.